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Booger Brie

posted by Anna January 15, 2018

Booger Brie a London-based illustrator and cartoonist who is originally from Canada. With her she has brought her obsession with eBay, thrift shopping, bags, (not tote bags – bags – all bags) her love of spiders and a strong digital presence on Instagram. This is where she shares her latest work, her outfits, and other quirky finds.

Brie Moreno, which is what she calls herself (because it’s her name) makes a lot of everything; books, zines, prints, riso, t-shirts, badges, curiosities, etc. Her illustrations are both analogue and digital, but aren’t beyond getting down to basics and being made with Crayola markers. All that matters is texture, colour and pattern…and that’s what stands out.

Her work is made with very colourful combinations and existing in a world of its own: it’s all somehow strange, dreamy and unsettling at the same time. Her story telling through the characters that she has created for herself is full of animals like dogs, cows, cowboys, and insects – and full of nostalgia and high heel shoes. Trot over and check her in the link below.



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