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Helen Bridges

posted by Marcroy February 18, 2013

Helen grew up in Manchester and graduated from the Camberwell College of Art in 2005 with a Masters in Printmaking. Helen then went on to set up a screen printing studio in south London. A couple of years later she combined forces with Lucy Bainbridge and now works at Bainbridge studio a creative hub for over 50 artists. Working amongst such varied talents from an artist who changes public spaces, a sculptor, street artist, letterpress and textile designer has led to exciting collaborations and great exchanges of skills and creative dialogue. Helen has spent the last 10 years pushing and combining the traditional printing techniques with modern technologies. Loving typography, maps, medical diagrams and noticing the everyday, she likes to capture subtle patterns and combine them with familiar imagery. Often celebrating a specific area by collecting photographs, researching stories and historical associations she likes to capture it by combining text, drawings and digital images in layers of colour, to create a immersive, interesting and beautiful original piece of art. Her artwork and images have lent themselves to projects in art, illustration, public artwork, hotels and commercial industries.



Director at People of Print
Graphic Design, Illustration and Print Enthusiast.

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