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Jacob Ovgren :: SEX (Sick Emotions X-ibit) :: Beach London

posted by Lo Parkin February 24, 2014

One of the key graphic artists behind European skateboard powerhouse Polar Skateboards, Jacob Ovgren’s work is ‘Skate-art in it’s purest form.’ Predominantly reflecting his crude adolescent humour, Jacob’s artwork reflects ‘snippets of a story’ depicting characters ‘trapped in a dialogue only with themselves.’ Exhibiting with Beach London, Jacobs first solo upcoming show ‘SEX’ (Sick Emotions X-ibit) showcases his new drawings, paintings and prints reflecting his trademark dark humour as they visualize ‘child-like characters in a range of disturbing sexual scenarios.’


Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

Freelance Illustrator & Fashion Editor at People of Print.
Lo Parkin

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