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Kristina Suvorova

posted by Alice Harrison March 27, 2017

Inspired by nature, brave souls, curiosity, freedom, childhood, fairytales and the universe, Kristina Suvorova’s abstract artworks play with paradoxes, detailing the most unorthodox of pairings to result in the harmonious friendships she charmingly illustrates. A secret story is hidden within each of Kristina Suvorova’s illustrations, while her embedded ideology of ‘the little things matter the most’ prompts a deeper reading and the reward of unearthing the secrets each artwork withholds.

Suvorova’s combining of the fantasy theme and her distinctive approach to illustration creates an instantly recognisable aesthetic, further enhanced by the vivid palette each illustration entertains. The injection of humour evokes a joyous energy as our childlike sense of wonder is awaken, prompting the equal enjoyment of both childhood and adulthood while inspiring laughter and thoughts around certain ideas.

As of late, Suvorova has been embedding her recent fascination of individuality into her work. With her curiosity centering around one individual’s thoughts, cosmos, happiness, love and sadness, Suvorova is delving into learning to love and embrace one’s self and being able to share it with others through her work.

Suvorova’s talents are not limited to illustration, also defining as an Art Director and Visual Artist, Suvorova has collaborated with JOST Bags to create The Beautiful Differences, which transforms the interior of the accessory to create a whimsical world to accompany the wearer on their next journey.

More recently, Suvorova has started to create sculptures, small installations, and stories in written and illustrated form which she and we alike, hope to see in book form very soon.

Kristina Suvorova is originally from Lithuania and is currently living and creating in Frankfurt, Germany. Make sure to stay up to date by following the links below.

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