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Liz Shepherd

posted by Charlotte Windsor March 27, 2017

Found in the creative district of Boston, Liz Shepherd explores a modern day take on some of the most traditional methods of print. From printing onto wood, fabric and her own wooden sculptures, to photo-etching using polymer plates, Liz isn’t one to shy away from using different techniques and mixing media.

For those unfamiliar with polymer photo etching the process involves applying a photosensitive film emulsion to copper plates, exposing the plate to UV light, etching the plate in ferric chloride acid and printing the plate on an etching press. This process allows Liz to collage pieces together in Photoshop resulting in such intricate and precise line work when printed.

Over the years, Liz’s work has featured a recurrent theme of ladders and staircases. Liz uses these to visually represent the effort it takes to rise above the negative ties; expanding on the belief that suffering can be a result of not letting go.

Liz is a firm believer in the importance of a community within printmaking and runs her own community work space called ‘Shepherd Studio’ where she works and rents spaces to other artists. The well-equipped studio also offers a range of workshops including screen-printing, photo etching and pronto plate lithography to name just a few!

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