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Marietta Varga

posted by Alice Harrison March 14, 2017

Equally breathtakingly beautiful and sensitively surreal, Marietta Varga’s harmonious colour combinations and meticulously considered compositions encompass the viewer within a unique atmosphere, undeniably iconic to her aesthetic. A sense of fascination ensues when initially invited to view the world through Varga’s lens, once immersed, a tainted sense of wonder shadows the viewer’s perception as the allure of the initial offering reveals the signs of symbolism, simulating through photography, the experience of a strange but stunning dream.

Sometimes dreams, other times nightmares. The irrational feeling of fear is manifested within each image of ‘Facing of’ as Varga’s dominant use of simplicity and clean compositions evoke an eerie atmosphere, heightening the fear of the unknown. The series represents that fear is a spectrum of emotions and experience, irrational fear is more likely to be felt as a child, but adults can feel it too.

From fear to memories, ‘Behind Me’ represents a more personal project, visualising Varga’s own engraved childhood memories, events that may or may not have been forgotten but which subconsciously affect her everyday life.

Continuing the same theme, Varga returned to her home of Siófok, in Hungary, a picturesque town situated on the lake shore of Balaton, the largest lake in Central-Europe. The blue lake and joyous summer atmosphere define Siófok to most as their holiday destination, however, Varga’s photography depicts the town in a different light, through the eyes of the inhabitants.

“The places and things important to me are totally different than those liked and remembered by the tourists, and I feel that this is how it should be. I left this place 10 years ago, and every time I return I feel a deep nostalgia.”

Marietta Varga completed her studies, BA in Photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design between 2013-2016. Varga currently lives and works in London. Check out the further images of the series and make sure to stay up to date by following the links below.

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