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Marion Toy

posted by Alice Harrison June 16, 2016

Using paper as the dominant medium, the creations of Marion Toy are renowned for their surreal concept aesthetic, ever communicating a whimsical sense of wonder as we realise the tactile nature of the, what seem to be, digitally rendered creations.


Established in early 2013, Mári Dimitrouli created Marion Toy as a means to communicate the ideas behind her now instantly recognisable aesthetic, thus resulting in the creation of the vibrant visuals fuelled by original concepts.



Delving into topics from art direction and editing to food styling and paper construction, an undoubtable sense of excitement and fun is confidently embedded within all final executions, while the construction process consists of ‘a lot of patience and plenty of joy.’



The undeniable radiation of charm embedded fulfils Dimitrouli’s overall aim of a joyous experience when viewers interact with her work.



Alice Harrison

Alice Harrison

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