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Natalya Balnova

posted by Alice Harrison August 11, 2016

Spontaneity is key when subject to the playful inkings by Art Director, Illustrator and Print Maker, Natalya Balnova. Predominantly producing decorative drawings freehand using dark ink and experimenting with silkscreening regarding colour separation, Balnova beautifully embeds her skills within fine art, design and printmaking to showcase the unconventional language which defines her whimsical aesthetic. A generous sprinkling of dark humour radiates throughout the illustrated narratives, contrasting the ironic concept with the alluring elegance of her designs.

Natalya Balnova14

Rich in colour but lacking in combinations, the illustrations depend more on the combining of paper texture and colour overlapping created during the printmaking process in which Balnova masters, resulting in the eye-catching and admittedly, unexpected effects which make each piece unique.

Natalya Balnova9

Natalya Balnova11

Natalya Balnova3

Originally studying at the Academy of Industrial Art and Design in St-Petersburg, Russia, Balnova headed to New York soon after to continue her studies, switching to a design major at Parsons School of Design. Since graduating, her talents were unsurprisingly noticed by the publishing industry and she has been designing book covers ever since.

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