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Samuel Eckert

posted by Anna February 5, 2018

Samuel Eckert is an illustrator from Paris. Even though he can’t see very far – he is short sighted – Samuel does his best, through his illustrations to share his vision of the world through his drawings, storytelling through playful shapes, lots of colour, lines, amusing characters and his own unique naive style.

Besides illustrations and painting, Samuel also has a background in graphic design and has collaborated with magazines, advertising agencies, painting murals, house publishing as well as curating and animating workshops for adults and children.

Through his work, he messes around strongly with the use of language – with words, tones and meanings – in a very playful, funny, creative and sometimes very ironic way. You don’t have to be French to get it, as a lot of his work is also in English and follows the same kind of vibes.



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