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Super Freak

posted by Amber Weaver July 28, 2017

Super Freak is a simple guy with a simple style. His talent consists of drawing memorable characters and is recognised for the satirical tone of voice throughout his work. These are the main foundations of his wonderful and wacky universe, alongside the use of a bright colour palette inspired from the likes of Pop-Art and comic books. Fresh out the university where he studied Graphic Design, this talented Illustrator has began his exciting journey as a creative. Now would be the perfect time to hop on board the crazy train and enjoy the ride because he needs a gang to be weird with.

From experimenting with his own personal projects, creating independent publications to mural commissions, you can check out his array of stunning work through his website or Instagram via the links below! Also we couldn’t resist getting some this gorgeous work up on our curated marketplace, Department Store. Watch this space to discover his new product range!


Amber Weaver

Amber Weaver

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