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Print Club London :: Blisters submissions

posted by Lo Parkin January 9, 2014

Following the success of ‘The Blisters Blackout’ ‘Secret Blisters’ and ‘Blisters on my Fingers’ exhibitions Print Club will be opening their doors for their 4th annual screen printed exhibition (from the 12th – 14th Sept) and they’re currently taking submissions if you want to be a part of it. The concept behind the show is that whether you are just out of college, up and coming, or a well-known artist, everyone is on the same level platform and the artwork can speak for itself. The aim is to take affordable art prints to a wider demographic, encouraging buyers to invest in original artwork.

Print Club London Blisters
Print Club London Blisters
Print Club London Blisters

Blisters: THE SOUND SESSIONS – The Brief

1.Submit a poster in your own style inspired by your favourite band/song/musician/tour/gig.
2.The catch is, you cannot use the name of the band, song or musician! Use of other text is allowed, of course, but this should stand alone as an image/scene or typography

The Print club studios are open for successful submissions to print their own work, but if you aren’t printing this yourself do be aware that the more colours you choose the more expensive it is to produce.

There will be 40 exhibiting artists, each with a 40 edition and signed screenprints selling for £40 a pop

Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to and the official deadline is 1st March 2014 (but this can be discussed if you need a little more time)

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