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posted by Anna Chayasatit April 7, 2015

We live in an era where designers are trying to define their practice in its new context. And often, we, as a creative, challenge the perception of design objects and how they play such a fundamental role in everyday life. Design Displacement Group aka DDG are one of the movements that are exploring the potential value of new creative work and a practical approach to design for future worlds, addressing both practical and conceptual development and issues at the same time.

By displacing themselves into a future time, years and years from now, they look back on design as it is and try to open the field of critical thinking and the conservation of design nowadays. Based in Amsterdam, the collective now comprises fifteen designers and one social scientist, all from various disciplines, educational backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities but they all use combined methods to produce various results and set up discourse.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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