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posted by Mel Luff June 16, 2015

Celebrating the shapes, colours, textures and materials of the metropolis, CITYSCAPES brings together the three different responses to London’s urban environment. Hosted by Jealous, the exhibition features work by Ashes57, Jo Peel and Anka Dabrowska.


Ashes57 is a graphic artist and art director of Cool’eh magazine. Describing herself as a ‘street snapper’ and ‘professional doodler’, she specializes in line drawings and vector graphics.

Both bold and delicately intricate, her style is unique and her characters distinct. Her monochromatic drawings are rooted in street culture, underground music, graffiti and the chaotic urban landscape of London.


Jo Peel

Artist and multitalent Jo Peel is a painter, printmaker, animator, filmmaker and a key figure in the UK’s contemporary art movement. Her work is rooted in ‘poetic urban architecture’, capturing the intimacy of the cities forgotten or decaying buildings and structures.

Centered around the erosion of the city landscape, her work is almost post apocalyptic – giving the cities run down or empty shells a new place on our walls.



Anka Dabrowska

Born in Poland but now living in London, Anka incorporates displacement into her work, adopting the position of an outsider in the city. The inspiration behind her work is taken from Warsaw and her fascination with the ‘changing façade of the city’.

Through combining her own disjointed memories with the present she also examines the disparity between the individual and collective memory, her chosen subject matter – tenement blocks, decrepit shop fronts and street signs.

The three dimensional works appear somewhat confused with the splicing together of internal and external spaces. Using a multitude of materials (cardboard, wood, plastic, concrete and paper) her makeshift ‘anti structures’ are a crude awakening to the aftermath of consumerism.




WHERE: Jealous Gallery EAST
WHEN: 11th June – 5th July


WHERE: Jealous Gallery North
WHEN: 8th July – 2nd August

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