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The Vending Machine Art Gallery

posted by Marcroy May 11, 2015

Last week we saw the Vending Machine Gallery launch in the Fox Pub (372 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DA) and it went off with a bang! With a fantastic concept offering the public the chance to buy affordable giclee prints from up and coming Artists from a vending machine, the concept of the show brings art and the buying of art to a new location, liberating the purchasing of art from the gallery to more accessible locations. With a run of just 50 prints for each work prices will range from £5 to £20, and if you didn’t make the opening don’t worry, the shows on till June 11th, or you can always head over to their online shop to grab a bargain print!

Artist line up includes; Chris Lawton | Chris Mackenzie-Gray | Christian Wood | Corey Hemingway | Craig Keenan | Dan Hunt | David Shackleton | EGS | Ella Golt | Ellie Andrews | Emily Evans | Freya Faulkner | Graham Moulding | Hector Plimmer | RubiCANE aka Ian Bruce | Jade Cheng | James Clohessy | Jamie Julien Brown | Jeremy Banx | Joe Holbrook | Joseph Kelly | Katie Brookes | Lo Parkin | Mat Williams | Matt Macken | Maximage | Pang | Peter Rapp | Petro | Philippe Fenner | Raiph Vaughan | Ricky Byrne | Ozniak Brothers | Richard Head | Sophie Mason | The Taffy | Tony Savas | Will Stewart | Will Tuck | Zoey Zhao



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