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posted by Miranda Foxx June 6, 2012

The power of the press is all well and good but the power of tippex and biro overshadows that outright here. A fine witty mind is behind this popular anti-media scribble fest that is The Daily Torygraph. From sniggers to belly laughs, flick through the front pages of the hand edited Daily Telegraph and read my short interview with the genius’ business partner. I pestered The Daily Torygraph for some answers behind the thought process of the website. What I found was there was in fact very little thought behind it, instead one comical guy and a pen. And we love him for it. Here’s what Bernie had to say:

M: What were your main motivations behind The Daily Torygraph?
B: The motivation was to make some of our friends laugh.

M: What responses or criticisms have you received?
B: So far it’s all been positive, when we’ve shown people we get belly laughs.

M: How did this differ from what you anticipated?
B: We expected smirks or titters.

M: Is there an overall message you’re aiming at, if any?
B: That there’s still room for some puerile humous in a serious, politically correct, risk averse world.

“I wish I could give you a dissertation on power and the press and the use of language and satire in order to redress the balance, or some such. But the truth is that my business partner doctors his paper everyday and leaves it laying around. I thought it would make an amusing blog for some of our mates to share. But I’m over the moon that other people have found it and like it.”

Thank you to Bernie for being so honest and to the website for keeping it real.

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