Mirka Laura Severa

posted by Anna Chayasatit May 9, 2014

Photographs often create imagination and many times leave us to wonder what it is in the mind of the photographer or what they see, if not the scene or people viewed, through the viewfinder. There are some indefinable elements in Mirka Laura Severa’s photographs which make her work extraordinary – and/or almost surreal.

An award-winning photographer and art director from Germany who currently lives and works in Amsterdam, Mirka Laura Severa’s photographs embody confident and creative spirit and skill, making viewers smile in reminiscence when looking at her work. It is the kind of work that rather describes feelings and is never straightforward. I strongly recommend taking a close-up look at her work on her personal websites and unraveling the mystery behind her amazing photographs for yourself.

Mirka Laura Severa is also the co-founder of SeveraFrahm where she now works with a strong focus on fashion, editorial and still life photography alongside Michael Frahm.

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