10 Reasons to Order Print Isn’t Dead™ Element 003

posted by Marcroy April 20, 2015

Thank you to our members and supporters who pre-ordered a copy of Print Isn’t Dead™ Element 003, we depend on these orders to keep the publication afloat and for us to make important developments in both production and editorial content. We feel that we have stepped it up a notch in this issue, please order a copy and see for yourself. You can personalise the front cover here or you can buy one of the standard or artist series covers here.

1. Keep Print Alive – by ordering a copy of Print Isn’t Dead, you are supported us as a small independent publisher along with a number of designers, illustrators, and printers from across the globe who will be featured within the printed publication. This in turn keeps print alive – everybody prefers a tangible, quality, collectible object right? This issue is definitely one to keep on your bookshelves or to have your personalised cover proudly on display.

2. We Love What We Do – we hope that our passion for our line of work comes across in everything that we do. We put our heart into our magazine, we live and breathe creativity in all forms, with a focus on print showing how broad and versatile it is as a process.

3. Quality Over Quantity – the first thing an advertiser will ask is, “what is your circulation?” We could jeopardise our quality and opt for a much bigger run, ramp up our advertising and run a completely different model to what we currently do. However, we have decided to start small and grow organically, similarly to how our website started. Our focus is on producing a beautifully designed publication, quality content with top notch printing on excellent paper stock at a limited run. We want to produce something that you will collect, cherish and keep forever. Please share photos of your magazines on the bookshelf or coffee table using #printisntdead.

4. Sold Out Quickly – we sold out (in the good way) extremely quickly. Our audience really appreciate what we do and it shows when the magazines fly out.

5. Open Up Jobs – having a successful magazine opens up jobs for freelance writers, illustrators, photographers, designers and journalists. This is something that we hope to expand upon and get even more outstanding, professional editorial content for our audience in future issues. We have hired writers, designers, illustrators and proofreaders in this issue.

6. Always New – we are never going to settle with one magazine layout template and simply change the content between issues. Every issue will be working with a different independent type foundry – Element 001 was Colophon Foundry, Element 002 was Swiss Typefaces and Element 003 is going to be Milieu Grotesque. The typeface that we will use on the issue will determine how we setup the baseline grid and in turn dictate how the magazine is laid out. The number of inks and special Pantones will also change between issues, along with the paper stocks and printing processes. The only constant for Print Isn’t Dead™ is the A4 format along with the 10pt title and spine layout – this is purely so they all stack or lineup perfectly on a bookshelf.

7. Become Part of the Community – when it comes to supporting the creative community, there’s nothing more impactful than becoming a part of it. The magazine represents contemporaneity in the world of print and creativity, so why not join us and make history together?

8. Support Free Materials and Resources – getting a printed version of Print Isn’t Dead™ means you help support useful online materials and keep People of Print website running. By buying a copy of our magazine, you are joining us on our adventure to become a prominent publisher.

9. Promote Independent Type Foundries – Print Isn’t Dead is sponsored by different typefaces for each issue. Here is an opportunity for you to increase public awareness of these independent creatives and to help keep our type designers in their top position.

10. Maintain Freedom of Speech – the right to freedom of expression is fundamental in democracy. We believe in freedom of speech and we are interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

To order a copy of Print Isn’t Dead: www.element003.com



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