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posted by Cara Bray May 8, 2015

Colectivo Futuro are a thriving artistic force, dedicated to showcasing talent from a range of fields. A collective made up of artists, DJ’s and musicians, they aim to promote creativity and celebrate those who are involved with the arts scene. Pushing forward those that are skilled from the realms of audio and visual, Colectivo Futuro collaborate with individuals and collectives that have something important to share.

Curating parties and exhibitions in London, New York, Miami and Madrid, the group look to do more exciting physical events to further promote their brand. Working with a number of a number of creatives to develop a fantastic range of products, they are now selling their items including graphic totes and handkerchiefs, up now on Department Store.

We sat down and spoke to them about the range.

How did Colectivo Futuro get started?

It started as a collective of friends organising techno nights in Miami while we were all going to college back in 2006. It soon evolved into the website you see today, where we started sharing interviews and features with some of our favourite creatives, whether their work is visual, audible, etc. 

We moved to London in 2012 and that’s when we started organising exhibitions, it seemed like the natural step after having the website for so many years. To be able to gather all our interests under one roof by putting on pop up exhibitions in various cities.

Where do you gather your inspirations?

Well, music was and is the catalyst to all our inspirations. Through music, and records specifically, we started gaining an interest for the visual artists or graphic designers behind the cover art, and this opened the doors to exploring other creative mediums. We’re also very inspired by the people we write about and collaborate with. Their endless creative energy and ability to create something from nothing still blows our minds to this day.

Tell us about an item from your Department Store collection & where the idea originated?

The four handkerchiefs all come from our Collective Futures NYC exhibition, which we organised in 2013. It was our 2nd exhibition and the first abroad. We gathered four local artists and we asked them to create a piece inspired by New York, which was then printed on organic cotton by Keigo Takahashi who has a screen printing studio in the city. All four pieces can be worn or used as decoration, they look great framed.

What new work or products are you currently working on?

We did our third Collective Futures exhibition in Berin late last year and we are looking for a new city to do the next one. Portland, Stockholm, and Madrid are all in the running, but we’re always open to other options. Basically, we use these exhibitions as an excuses to work with artists to create something unique with them. In the meantime, you can catch us playing records every second Friday at Shutterbug for our Boom Music nights, the 2nd anniversary of which is happening on May 24th with a bunch of friends and guests playing with us throughout the day and night.

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