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Gino Bud Hoiting X Lennard Kok :: ‘Give and Go’ zine

posted by Lo Parkin November 28, 2014

Brought together by Coffinboys, emerging Illustrators Gino Bud Hoiting and Lennard Kok (both based in the Netherlands) have recently teamed up to combine their crisp, graphic imagery to form an amazing new limited edition zine complete with a silkscreened cover. With both skillful illustrators working mostly in black and white with a joint love of comic-like imagery, the zine holds a series of 17 drawings consisting of playful characters, flying pencils rolling billiard balls and a magic blob-stick.

Reflecting on the projects Gino explained “Lennard and I have a mutual respect for each others work, so to do a collaborate was inevitable. At first we wanted to create a lot of characters in the exquisite corpse way, (the folding drawings, where you don’t see what the other person did) but we wanted to have a little bit more control and decided not to fold the drawings. In a way it’s really a celebration of two artist who work in a similar way and both with love for print and self-initiated projects”

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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Lo Parkin

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