Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing

posted by Anna Chayasatit October 2, 2013

A freshly published hardback from Laurence King which has just come out early this October. It is good to see another print volume that uncovers traditional printing, one of human’s greatest technological advancements. Bound together in hardback is a collection of 100 print showcases created by craft’s practitioners from across the globe. ‘Low-Tech Print’ acts as an archive of contemporary art prints, reviewing evolving techniques that have been used for over a hundred years.


The book explores the different print methods used by creative practitioners. The first chapters focus on three different printing methods, including historical information and process guidelines to get your hands on. These chapters are followed by the final section that reviews various experimental techniques used for specific types of work. Curated by Caspar Williamson, a London-based designer, illustrator, printmaker and author, the book also profiles each practitioner and unveils their inspirations behind their exclusive projects.

Sometimes it is good to escape from digital and switch into something with a sense of tactility. This book is undoubtedly a celebration of craft practitioners, artists and designers who use print as their means to express.

Soon we will be having a chat with Caspar, the author of this book and hopefully we will be talking about how we can potentially collaborate and to explore his wealth of knowledge in the printmaking world.

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