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posted by Anna Chayasatit August 4, 2015

It’s becoming more and more common to self-publish books and magazines in print these days as the barrier to entry is fairly low and now we are spoilt for choice. While some titles are moving into the mainstream, founder, editor, and art director Lisa Lorenz has taken a new route to make ‘Nous Magazine’ accessible and has succeeded in taking readers on a journey through psychiatric disorders and mental illness.

'Nous Magazine' is a very personal publication dedicated to promoting open-mindedness in society and removing social stigma. It takes a different approach to elucidate mental health by using a different theme and contributions from a rotating cast of authors for each issue.

Unlike other publications, Nous Magazine is entirely hand-printed; and it makes perfect sense to me because mental health is such a personal matter. The current issue of Nous Magazine, Panic, was influenced by events happening this year. Released in spring, this is testimony to increasing mental difficulties due to recent political and social observations. Features inside include short stories, interviews, poetry, illustration, photography and essays related to topics that deal with violence in relationships, American wars, psychedelia in Berlin, and monarch butterflies.

All in all, this is a publication that has successfully captured the beauty of those in despair and addressed mental illness in a whole new way.

Nous Magazine is Riso-printed twice yearly by Team Trident Press. The next issue of Nous Magazine, The Worlds Apart, will be out in November 2015. You can also grab the fifth issue of 'Nous Magazine' on our Department Store, to get a copy, just click here!

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