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Harriet Badby

posted by Lo Parkin July 1, 2013

Recently graduating from Camberwell, Harriet Badby a London based Artist who’s focuses concern working with physical materials, videos and performative pieces. After clocking her beautiful work at the Camberwell degree show I shortly found there was much more to learn about her sculptural pieces made from clay, a process that you don’t necessarily see straight away.
Harriet explained at the start of the project she was interested in making something that was significantly tactile, and using clay as a medium seemed fitting as it is such a prehistoric material. Choosing not to fire the clay and keep it wet by adding water daily forms an interesting interaction between both the Artist and piece, which infact refers back to a performative concept behind the piece. Harriet explained another focus of using clay in her work involves the fact it’s a performative material in it’s own right, as it drys and changes over time, the same goes for the steel frame – which rusts. These elements combined result in it being a sculpture in a relative sense binding with a performative piece focused on process.

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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