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Andrés Gallardo Albajar

posted by Alice Harrison March 21, 2017

Self-taught photographer, Andrés Gallardo Albajar channels a mesmerising celebration of architectural silhouettes within his artwork. A careful consideration of colour combinations and composition is apparent, heightening further the impact of the shadow play and structural significance beautifully embedded within each image.

A whimsical concoction of colour ensues within Albajar’s LA MURALLA ROJA series. Defining as a housing project by Ricardo Bofill and translating to The Red Wall, the project is situated in Calpe, Spain and dates back to 1973. La Muralla Roja has been designed to form like a fortress, appearing, thanks to the colour palette and structural silhouette, as if emerging from the cliffs it sits on.

With the exterior facade painted in shades of red and the stairways decorated in cool blue tones, Albajar’s photography successfully captures both the contrasting and complementing of the beauty of La Muralla Roja and the ever-altering shades of the sky.

Switching from the almost fantasy aesthetic of La Muralla Roja to the Urban Geometry of Copenhagen, the dynamic forms and the slight injection of a joyous palette evoke a playful atmosphere while Albajar’s expert eye ensures an occurring of fascination within each image.

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