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Travis Purrington | USD Proposal

posted by Olivia Savage October 29, 2014

‘The Dollar is too Nationalistic. Here’s what it should look like instead.’ Swiss Design graduate Travis Purrington has reinvented the American Dollar for his major thesis, and his version boasts no presidents, eagles or national monuments, and has a modern illustrative curiosity. The design of the dollar hasn’t significantly changed since 1929, save some anti-counterfeiting measures and the edition of ‘In God We Trust’ to all bills in 1957. Purrington’s re imaginings are awash with nature, architecture and space exploration, and are all printed with a primarily vertical layout, which he says ‘not only better reflects how we actually hold money in our hands, but serves to reset America’s perspective on what a dollar bill actually is.’

Olivia Savage

Olivia Savage

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