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posted by Lo Parkin December 11, 2014

Done is an up and coming screen print studio / fashion brand inspired by youth culture and based in Lewisham. I was lucky enough to catch up with the brand and find out more about how it all started and their debut first collection in collaboration with People of Print favourite Matt Manson.

Born 2 years ago by 2 friends Done was formed to combine their shared inspirations and D.I.Y mind-set in regards to design, they explained

“What has inspired us both to work toward the same objective has definitely been the subcultures we grew up in and around during our adolescent years like skating, riding BMX, graffiti, raving, to name a few. Being involved in these scenes and participating in the activities associated with them, opened up a world of possibilities to us. To see independent skate brands spawn from the collective power of a group of friends having an idea and following it through was a big source of inspiration to us. Going to raves, squats and free parties in densely wooded areas of the countryside as well as abandoned buildings and warehouses in and around London. Where these events were made possible by a few individuals who decided to do something for themselves, off their own back, for their pals and their pals pals and so on. Being around all that showed us it is possible to turn our own ideas into a tangible reality.”

“A lot of these subcultures have an anti-establishment element to them. Which in turn pushed us to want to have our own thing, rather than falling into a career that exhausts creative energy by design adverts that sell people crap, or working for corporations that are responsible for creating the mass-produced rubbish that fills our high streets.”

With their apparel collections set to be released in small batches throughout the year and not following traditional seasonal releases the brand is aiming to keep their offerings interesting and relevant with print runs kept small and the quality continuously improving. Reflecting on their latest collection they explained

“we wanted to focus on the details so the over all presentation of each garment had a more solid finish to it.
Our underlying theme for this collection was black, white and pattern. But not using pattern in the traditional way of creating repeats. The focus was more on the elements that help construct a repeat pattern and turning those into the graphics for each shirt. For one of the designs we teamed up with Matt Manson, a friend and fellow graphic artist. This is the first time we have collaborated with someone to produce one of our own shirts and were really pleased with the outcome”

With exciting plans in the pipeline for 2015 be sure to check out Done’s website and keep an eye on what their upto.

Lo Parkin

Lo Parkin

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