posted by Anna Chayasatit October 12, 2015

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Peter Lundgren has described ‘T–Post’ as “the world’s first wearable magazine”, and indeed, T–Post has managed to redefine every term in the publishing and fashion equation by creating a unique piece of clothing and printing its content on the inside of a t-shirt with an aim to “take streetwear back to the streets”.

Established in February 2004, T–Post Magazine has been sending its subscribers a well-designed t-shirt with stories printed on the inside from their headquarter in Sweden. The concept is to address a social issue and each monthly design is a visual interpretation of the article. They have also collaborated with many of the hottest artists, brands, and designers from all corners of the globe such as Alife, HAZE and Staple as well as Ben Newman and Ricky Powell.

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