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Nicole Cowan

posted by Charlotte Windsor April 6, 2017

After winning one of the D&AD New Blood pencils in 2016, Nicole continues to make playful and bold illustrations inspired by people around her. Her clever use of a limited colour palette began when she started screen-printing and limited the amount of layers used. It later became a challenge to see how few colours she could get away with using within her work.

Every piece starting in her sketchbook before refining her illustrations digitally. Nicole always keeps an open mind to how the final illustration may look.

Nicole explained her idea behind the winning D&AD brief that required her to create three images that represented archetypes. Choosing “overcoming the monster” “tragedy” and “the quest” she then linked her archetypes with the theme of everyday. Using modern and mundane issues to communicate her chosen archetypes in a relatable way for people to connect with.

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