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10 Print-Based Tumblrs You Should All Follow

posted by Anna Chayasatit November 13, 2014

Tumblr makes it incredibly easy for us to find, share and create inspiration. It’s a platform that provides creative publicity and exposure and it’s such a great tool for us as an artist/designer to publish our work or share inspirational images without coding knowledge. There are literally thousands of great, visually-rich blogs around, but here I have selected some of my most favourite Tumblr blogs for you to stir up your hidden creativity.

In alphabetical order:

:: Another Graphic ::

Another Graphic is curated by graphic and web designer Mathieu Cieters, a design talent from Belgium. Despite working as a web designer and developer, it is very surprising to see a vast number of print-based designs featured on his blog. There’s no doubt Another Graphic is a perfect library for digital and print designers alike.

:: Back Catalogue ::

Curated by This Is Catalogue, Back Catalogue brings you a wide selection of the very best print works created by independent graphic designers and publishing houses from across the globe. Design usually works at the intersection of text and image and it is here where you can fulfil your daily need of typographic design and visual inspiration.

:: Bogdan Ceausescu ::

If you love typography and clean design, then you’d better head to graphic designer and art director Bogdan Ceausescu’s blog. He’s a designer from Bucharest and we love his carefully curated blog which is filled with sleek design and universal creativity.

:: Catch-Up References ::

Catch-Up References is a celebration of all things fun and cheerful. It brings together the idea of sharing and showcases quality works created by up and coming creatives from all corners of the globe. It’s also updated frequently as well. Amazing isn’t it?

:: Design Everywhere ::

This design blog showcases carefully selected graphic design projects. Run by Preston Tham, a graphic designer from Singapore, we love his taste and his selections are what you should be bookmarking.

:: Graphic Porn ::

Graphic Porn brings you both classic and contemporary design. It is a stunning design blog that features rare images in graphic design history and also showcases a diverse range of styles. It is here where you can boost your creative idea pool.

:: Inspirim Grafik ::

Inspirim Grafik is definitely a feast for the eyes. It is run by designer Anita Baraku from Kosovo and focuses on maintaining great design and photography. You’ll be surprised every time you log in to her blog. Trust me.

:: Nicanel ::

Nicanel is curated by Danica Nel, a 22-year-old avid graphic design student from the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. His interest in critical design, new media, digital materiality and print has seen him collate an extended collection of beautiful images, texts and delicious designs. We are enamoured with his blog and it is always very interesting to see what design young bloods are up to.

:: Type Only ::

We are always a big fan of Unit Editions and their blog Type Only is what you should not be missing. It showcases a wide collection of print and bold typography and is created to spark design discussion. Definitely something to look forward to every morning and perfect for those with passion for powerful typography.

:: Unquoted Sheets ::

Check out this web blog if you are looking for something a little different. These online sheets contain a vast array of inspirational design and imagery. Run by Les Graphiquants, a Paris-based graphic design studio, this blog is where both young and professional designers come to exchange ideas and make conversation. It is basically an international design community that involves everyone. Take a look for yourself!

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