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posted by Marcroy November 23, 2011

Linocut is one of the simplest forms of relief printing. The process starts by cutting a design into a flat sheet of linoleum, using a knife or a chisel to carve a reverse image. The lino design is then rollered with ink and printed onto paper using a press or a bit of straightforward elbow grease! To celebrate this lo-fi, high impact medium Hermit Editions invited a group of artists to challenge their signature styles, dispense with their macbooks and tablets and get their fingers dirty with the Linocut Project.

Artists Ian Stevenson, Phil Ashcroft, James Unsworth, Ryan McLelland and Adam Paxman stepped up to the challenge to create an experimental edition of prints. The first series of the project sees the artists translate their diverse styles into lino, using pared down imagery combined with that wonderful tangible quality of a handmade print. Each edition demonstrates a different approach to mark-making, ensuring the collection is completely unique. The Linocut Series can be seen in detail, and is available to purchase online at

Hermit Editions is the specialist print platform curated by Concrete Hermit. It represents and celebrates artists that maintain a high standard of aesthetic engagement with contemporary printmaking. Through the online boutique and an ambitious program of print projects, Hermit Editions brings affordable and innovative work to a wider audience. By pushing boundaries and designing interesting briefs, Hermit Editions aims to keep ideas fresh within the world of contemporary printmaking.



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