Nasir Mazhar

posted by Lo Parkin December 19, 2012

If you havn’t already seen Nasir Mazhar’s first full collection which his London Fashion Week this year for SS13 your missing out! To showcase his debut collection Mazhar created a live installation of a comic book barber shop for models to inhabit (featuring a live performance from MC’s Flirta D, Merky Ace, Kozzie, Nolay, Faze Miyake & Marger)
I think his collection was best summarized by the man himself when Maggie Davis asked him in an interview how he feels about LFW where he stated; “It caters for a specific type of person. These Designers doing all these £10.000 ball gowns.. I don’t hang around with women who wear them. That’s not my world. I go clubbing. I have Asian friends. Afghan friends. Jamaican friends. Those cultures come with their own styles and hairstyles. It’s a real mix. You don’t really see that explored at LFW. It’s not about youth culture”

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