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Print Club London | Group Show | Pick of the Bunch

posted by Lo Parkin May 13, 2013

I made it down to Print Club London’s Group show last week (on till May 24th) and was really impressed by the variety of exciting illustrative/typographic imagery and super friendly Print Club fam who made me feel more then welcome and gave me the chance to catch up with my favourite Artists about their work. Read about my pick of the bunch including Sam Baldwin, Claudia Borfiga, Hannah Prebble Ben Rider & Josie Malloy

Print Club London
Print Club London
Print Club London
Print Club London
Print Club London

Sam Baldwin

Sam Baldwin’s work was my personal favourite find at the show, his stunning featured print captures an intriguing narrative with eerie fantasy characters and I was really excited to speak to the Artist.
Sam explained his illustration focuses on ‘the abstraction of things we see in real life with an added element of humour’ reflecting on his process the Illustrator and Printmaker has a ‘real appreciation of technical skill’ and handmade processes, ‘my work always starts off in pen and ink with an outline drawing, I only ever use a computer to put things together before taking them to print, I don’t take shortcuts in my work and I like the fact you need a skill to create something’ Reflecting on his plans for the future Sam explained he hopes to spend time to focus on some personal projects, creating work for his love of imagery, I cant wait to see what he gets upto! (See img 1)

Claudia Borfiga

Claudia Borfiga is a Designer/Print maker who started her career studying textile design, since graduating Claudia interned for the likes of Giles Deacon and John Galliano before most recently working with paper based print. Claudia’s beautiful ‘Egg & Soldiers’ print captured my eye for both it’s concept and execution, after asking the Artist about the piece she explained “the print was a ‘say what you see moment’ where I was eating dippy egg and thought it was a ridiculous name for the bits of toast and thought it made a nice bit of imagery, and then when I printed it onlookers were asking if it was a political art piece” Reflecting upon her process Claudia explained “I like working by hand, I love screen printing, and I love it when things seem to have gone wrong, but look better than if they had gone right. I like simple line work mixed with really descriptive and realistic texture, and I think screen printing textures is so satisfying, it’s such a flat medium.” The exciting Designer’s plans for the future include a screen printed concertina based on the conga dance – definitely one to watch (See img 2)

Hannah Prebble

I instantly fell in love with the work by Hannah Prebble (aka bans) for her dope illustrative style and fun ‘Cats & Tats’ prints. After undertaking a degree in painting the Artist found she wanted to focus her energy on drawing (particularly ‘cats, lots and lots of cats’) and is currently working as a freelance illustrator/printmaker based in Dalston (East London) Hannah’s illustration steers away from the ordinary and combines humour with hand-drawn quirky characters and type. (See img 3)

Ben Rider

Ben works as a Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer and is also a technician at The Print Club. The Artist explained how ‘after creating a sticker series the other members at Print Club really encouraged me to develop my ‘Cyclops Queen’ design into print, which I thought would also be an exciting excuse for me to experiment with print and colour’ Reflecting on the concept behind the eye-catching print Ben told me ‘the piece represents the hypnotic power of authority through the visual play of graphics, image and colour’ (See img 4)

Josie Malloy

As soon as I walked in the gallery I clocked Josie’s beautiful ‘Hemispheres’ prints that capture elegant detail and beautiful pastel colour tones.
The Artist explained the featured prints are ‘part of a series of 12 that combine to create a narrative’ drawing focus to the mysteries depths and complexity of the brain. Josie explained her interest in science and how she is fascinated by ‘Humans the brain and the sublimity of how people think, the piece is a visual representation of how people layer thoughts and think about things’ (See img 5)

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