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Merijn Hos

posted by Emma Fisher November 22, 2013

Wood Sculptures is just a side project of Artist and Illustrator Merijn Hos. Taking a different form to his usual work that is often applied in print, he transforms his drawings in to striking wooden figurines. The collection of 262 sculptures that now spans two series varies between 5 and 14 inches, really brings his work to life. He has a monster collection of amazing work that ranges from typography to animation, that’s definitely worth some time checking out. Certainly one of my artists of year!

“I began the creation process by drawing objects that appear frequently in my work, for example, plants, faces and pottery in their most simple form, narrowing each item down to the essence of their shape. The drawings were then cut out of wood and finalized with house paint and acrylics. Being inspired by Art Brut and Folk Art I decided to paint what are rather abstract forms in a naïve way, using about 24 colors and a uniform brush size.” Merijn Hos

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