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The Travelling Canvas

posted by Anna January 26, 2018

Your laptop, the leaky biro, that cheeky little novella you’ve been reading on the tube ride home, the ingredients for tomorrow’s lunch or you know, because it matches your mood and has your favourite band name on it. Style or function, everyone needs a tote bag, they’re practical, tough and they look good.

Awesome Merchandise, based in Leeds, make custom merch, (that is of course, awesome) in their house factory. They cover a lot of ground, making prints, apparel, pins, badges, flyers, towels, lighters, banners, T-shirts – everything –  you name it, they make it. And now for their next step they have brought the best of both the worlds of totes and their skills with their project ‘The Travelling Canvas’. A tote bag collection with 12 designs made by top creatives such as Louise Lockhart and Lloyd Stratton. The exclusive collection will be shipped out with Awesome Merchandise orders, changing to a new design for each month of the year. Keep an eye on their social media channels to see new releases and how you can get your hands on one.

This collaboration will also lead to an exhibition, with all the original designs and the tote bags together – which will be announced later this year. Keep track of the designs here



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