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Interview :: HangFire (SatOne & ROIDS) HangerOne Project :: Icarus_13

posted by Lo Parkin August 21, 2013

The HangerOne Project is a program of painted aero planes, organised by HangFire – a Bristol based family of artists that create artwork and events/exhibitions with an exceptionally innovative approach to inspire the the graffiti art community. I was lucky enough to speak to the HangFire team about their recent project Icarus_13, in which HangFire set up and teamed up with SatOne and ROIDS to paint a HUGE plane. Find out more about the HangerOne Project and read the interview.

hangfire hangerone icarus 13
hangfire hangerone icarus 13
hangfire hangerone icarus 13
hangfire hangerone icarus 13
hangfire hangerone icarus 13

ICARUS_13 ft. SAT ONE & ROIDS from Hangfire on Vimeo.

– When I first heard one of my favourite Artists had painted on a plane I knew it was going to be amazing, how was the initial concept behind the project developed?

“The initial project was born from the need to curate a project that was different to anything before. We needed to keep the art real to its foundation, so it needed to be a large metal object. The plane idea had been kicking around the table for a few months. We then set the wheels in motion, to try and find planes to paint. Lots of contact had been made to airfields around the country. Lots of non replies or uninterested email responses came back, but we had one positive lead to an airfield near Bristol (where HangFire is based), so logistically, it was the perfect location to turn a concept into a reality. We started small with our first plane, a kind of tester! The airfield said we could paint anything they had – so we set our minds on a 737! We knew we had to choose 2 or more artists to complete the 737 project.”

– Was it difficult making the concept a reality and how did you manage to make it happen?

“Not really difficult to achieve our goal, just lots of hard work and determination. We lucked out with the salvage company on the airfield. The owners are really cool and relaxed. They are use to handling planes, just like a car salvage business. The size of these planes doesn’t bother them, as they are use to it! We where given a green light on 90% of our ideas.”

– I bet the collaborating Artists were mad hyped to be a part of the project, how did you go about selecting them?

All the artists needed to be professional and use to working under pressure. We had dealings with SatOne, from previous projects that happened in Bristol. So he was our first contact. It then moved into a collaboration with ROID (due to the 2 of them working together on a previous project). Both artists said yes, almost immediately. The rest just snow balled, like any other project.

– I think props are also due for the beautiful filming of the process, what were the key areas of focus in creating the video?

“Thankyou. The key areas where driven by the poor weather conditions. We wanted a light hearted non-serious, defiantly not another graft vid. However, the light hearted, feel good movie was never going to happen with sideways rain and 48mph wind speeds, whilst 11 meters up on a cherry picker! We had to go with slow, moody and atmospheric just because of the weather!”

– What happened to the painted planes?

“The painted planes are still in situ for another 5 weeks. We are planning a farewell film!”

– What can we expect to see from HangFire next?

“You can expect more planes, but nothing as big for around a year. We may paint something smaller in between. HangFire are in the process of curating a couple of exhibitions in London. Details cannot be disclosed yet. We will continue to support our family of Artists, who are mainly local graff guys. We hope to be in a position to commission art for business and the public, through events or private sectors. Our main focus, no matter what event or project we undertake is to ‘Do It Different'”

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