It’s a Disaster Zine

posted by Anna January 19, 2018

It’s awkward, full of small talk, and three drinks shy of being fun. Let’s be honest here: dating sucks. We all have a collection of “disaster dates”; that right swipe, your redemptive ex, that person you met on the night bus once, that drunken one night stand, the friend of a friend who is a co-worker of a friend who is omg, suuuuch a “perfect match” tell them to meet them at Leicster Sq station at 9 they’ll be in the red jump-

You get it. We all do – except you fuck boy Steve – but for the rest of us here is a zine that celebrates and illustrates these embarrassing, crude experiences and inner thoughts that we have all been through – still not you Steve, stop pretending.

Made by best friends, Tori West and Josh Cook here’s a big cheers to sexual diversity, through dark and comical illustrations. Full of colour, pure outrage and everything else to relate to (even if you haven’t met them yet), get hold of the two issues out now, or even feel free to share your disaster story with Tori & Josh disasterzine – Who knows, you might make the cut for the third issue.



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