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posted by Emma Fisher July 9, 2013

Thanks to the guys behind ‘Screen Printing On The Cheap’ for sending us their great new book all the way from the USA! We loved their chunky book that offers an informative yet friendly step-by-step guide to screen printing.

The book is great for beginners, with a great visual screen-grab chapter on how to prepare files for printing, the trouble-shooting guide and a glossary of terms. For the more experienced printers, they have all they would ever need to know on how to create their own in house print studio, creating your own darkroom and effectively printing in your living room. Kickstarter funded, self-published and with a hand screen printed cover, this book delivers from start to finish. We were impressed and hope you agree too. The book is available to buy from their online shop as well as available buy as a downloadable PDF.

Don’t forget to check out the website for the blog of events, video interviews and coming soon – the Screen Printing On The Cheap Interactive forum.

We think they’ve got a lot of good things going on and look forward to what they do next.

Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher

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