Studio Savvy for Poesis

posted by Cara Bray April 20, 2015

For this spectacular example of impact fuelled branding, Mexican design agency Savvy Studio worked their magic for consulting company Poesis. Working to support organisations through transformation and healing, Poesis focus on the development of a healthier and more sustainable state of humanity.

Savvy wanted to embody these qualities in the basis of their design, creating a central circle symbol derived from the greek figure Strophalos or the Hecate wheel, which represents the flame of life, knowledge and fulfilment. This is then surrounded by a labyrinth like arrangement of outer lines which mark the process to reaching a fully intellectual stage, as Poesis aim to offer.

The iridescent foil touches coupled with steely grey tones and elegant type bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to a sophisticated design.

Via CreativeBoom

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