No Pressure is the Result of Repeat Pleasure

posted by Amber Weaver October 25, 2017

Taking advantage of a beaten up old risograph machine fused with a dedicated group of friends, ‘No Pressure is the Result of Repeat Pleasure’ was born. An event that was a joint show with 0121’s finest analogue photographer Alex Luc along with a series mixed format prints from Charlie Soffe.

With a student free studio at BCU and a lot of abandoned third year work Soffe found himself digging through cupboards to find papers, collage material and inks. By sifting through this bank of creative work, the idea of re-purposing and re-appropriation soon became the predominant influence when constructing images for the show. It even went as far as applying water marks to some of the final digital prints to conclude there ability to be repurposed further.

Some designers would turn their noses up at the thought of taking other references and work to recycle them into something completely new, they would argue that it was never original in the first place. However, an interesting quote from Soffe expresses his opinion on the idea of re-appropriation. “As an artist born into the digital age I think this sense of ‘stealing’ is important, with infinite influences around you why not take them to inform something new. Always steal, re-purpose and re-cycle otherwise you will take years to come to the same conclusion you can reach in minutes.”

A note from the team:

We’d like to thank everyone at @arthouse.bc for the constant support during the show, @beneculture for letting us call there store home for the duration of the show, @dylantheinfamous, @__sake__ and @con_no_r for all smashing it on deck during the private view and @alex_luc for smashing it each and every. Shouts to 0121 and the massive art scene thats being built here, keep pushing.


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