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posted by Amber Weaver October 26, 2016
Smiley Lettering print

Lover of type and all things decorative is London based Spanish graphic designer Alex Camacho. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA focusing on typeface design and lettering Camacho is now a innovative freelance graphic designer. While his professional experiences have included diverse projects that utilize the alphabet as the main resource through branding, advertisement and illustration, Camachos works have been widely published in design books and magazines as well as presented in physical and virtual exhibitions.

Warhol illustration projectWarhol illustration projectLettering/editorial designLettering/editorial design Lettering/editorial designWhat inspired this talented designer to become so passionate about type is after spending some time in an editorial design studio in Barcelona, before he came to London to complete his Masters degree. Now his projects range from beautiful personal projects to branding, publications, promotional materials and many other mediums. “I fell in love with letters at a young age. As a child, I enjoyed illustrating words and sentences, and as I grew older, I continued to draw letters, both on paper graffitied on walls around Barcelona.” says Camacho. 

NOE2 layout design NOE2 layout designPeople of Print interviewed Camacho to find out about what his favourite part of his practise is. “My favourite moment of a project is when I receive a briefing or I come up with a personal project and I start sketching and thinking in different ideas of how to approach that briefing. I find this moment extremely creative with no restrictions. The limits will come in further steps of the project but in the first step is when everything is possible and that makes this moment very special and magic.”

lettering for paper catalogue lettering for paper catalogueSmiley Lettering print Smiley Lettering printCurrently featured on our Department Store is Camacho’s Smiley Lettering Limited Edition print. Sign and numbered in an edition of 40 which you can buy below or go to our Department Store here..

Check out Alex’s other wonderful projects at

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