15 Type Foundries You Should All Know About

If you are looking for something outside the mainstream, you have come to the right place. Today, we ask you to join our journey into the world of typography. Here we take a fresh look at fonts and typefaces and what’s new and exciting in experimental typography.

In alphabetical order:

An independent archive of type created by London-based design studio A2/SW/HK. A2-Type is a profoundly inspiring type foundry established in 2009 with a vast selection of fonts created specially for print, screen, and environment. What you’ll discover here is undoubtedly a splendid example of high-quality typefaces with contemporary proportions.


Here is our all time favourite. This Nantes-based studio BB-Bureau has challenged the traditional of type design and it’s here where science meets art. Benoît Bodhuin’s typefaces are perfect for anyone who loves to experiment and achieve their goal through simplicity and experimentation.


Colophon Foundry
London and New York-based well-respected type foundry Colophon was established in 2009 by The Entente and later joined in by Benjamin Critton Art Dept. Their typefaces show a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and supporting the creative industry and independent institutions both large and small. We are big fans of Colophon Foundry and we used both Archive and Reader in Element 001 of Print Isn’t Dead magazine.


Commercial Type
Famous for their award-winning, epic typeface, Guardian Egyptian. Commercial Type is a joint venture between design luminaries Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz who co-founded the foundry in 2004. Here you will find a collection of custom typefaces designed principally to capture attention and examine the interrelationship between interactive design and typography.


Emmanuel Rey
Blending aesthetic experiments with a pragmatic approach, Emmanuel Rey is an independent designer who has a passion for breaking similarity and piquing curiosity. He owns a huge collection of impressive typography and you will be awed by the vastness of beautiful type designs.


Grilli Type
From original retail to custom type design, Grilli Type is home to a surprising number of high quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition. Every typeface is created with the highest techinal standard, resulting in an amazing collection of fonts for projects of any size.


Lineto is a gateway to typographic glory. For almost two decades, Lineto has served as a useful resource for type fanatics, both amateur and professional, and it’s Switzerland’s first digital type foundry with its own website and online service. Established by Cornel Windlin and Stephan Müller, today, every font still stays true to the style and quality. That’s why every typeface is perfect for web, print and projects of any kind.


Milieu Grotesque
Berlin and Zurich based independent publisher and design studio Milieu Grotesque offer a wide range of quality typefaces with a legacy of functionality and beauty. Good news is, we will also be using the Patron typeface throughout our Print Isn’t Dead publication Element 003.


MuirMcNeil is a phenomenal success of Paul McNeil and Hamish Muir. Founded in 2010, the partners have been experimenting on a range of design systems and type to create original visual language. They also produce a wide range of posters to accompany each typeface. Have a look for yourself.


Berlin-based Neubau fills a void in typographic industry with high-quality typefaces by putting their main focus on experimentation. Drawing on their extensive graphic design experience, Neubau collection showcases type designs and creative projects. Their website is also an ideal place for designers looking for inspiration – a seemingly platform for design debate and discussion.


For fans of display typefaces, Neutura features a great variety of typefaces created for display use. Based in San Francisco, Neutura has been producing outstanding type design and layouts since 2003. Definitely one of the top type foundries with an extensive range of high-impact type.


Or Type
It is hard to deny the allure of type design by this Icelandic type foundry set up by design aficionados Guðmundur Úlfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse aka Gunmad. They are also currently having their inaugural exhibition at the Unit Gallery. So if you have time, I tell you it’s definitely worth a visit!


Playtype is a tribute to unconventional design craftsmanship. Established in 2010 by the Danish brand and design agency e-Types, they specialise in custom typefaces for brands and corporations and also offer an extensive library of fonts available to both individuals and companies.


Radim Peško aka RP Digital Type Foundry
Typography is the real joy for Radim Peško. He founded his own small-scale type foundry RP Digital Foundry with an emphasis on the new methods of creating typefaces. Now with big reputation, his outputs still display delicacy and yet are finished with a contemporary twist.


Dublin-based type foundry and design studio specialising in all things typographic. Run by Max Phillips, his portfolio spans everything from type design, lettering, and typographic branding. All his fonts display his versatility as a type designer. Another great option for anyone who is looking for something simple yet unconventional.


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