The Short Anthology

posted by Cara Bray June 9, 2014

The Short Anthology is the curious and beautiful brainchild of editors Will Martin and Kat Phan. The idea behind the project initiated from wanting to highlight the self-initiated and personal work of photographers, that is often overlooked. Without a given brief, each issue presents a small selection of images by a chosen photographer, these are then given to a group of writers to base a short story around. The writers have total freedom in their subject matter, choosing to interpret the whole set as a series of inspiration or choosing a single image to define their starting point.

The photos for the first issue have been taken by Joe Coleman and include coastal scenery, captured whilst travelling around Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. The selected photographer for the second issue remains undisclosed, but will be based around photos taken in a deep, dark forest setting.

Bringing a unique and personal touch to publishing, the first issue has been printed by Ditto Press, with all photos individually and lovingly stuck in amongst the accompanying text. Copies of this imaginative and enchanting publication are available from the website and are priced at £7 per issue.

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