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Charlotte Linton’s Scarves

posted by Jade Connolly May 10, 2016

With the use of a fictional muse named ‘Ermantrude’, Charlotte Linton documents her expeditions across the world, collecting research and field notes inspiring the illustrations seen on her scarf designs. After working with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and Chloe, she then went on to produce her own line of surface pattern designs to be featured on accessories, and most prominently scarves.


In 2009, Linton launched her scarf label, designing collections that draw inspiration from different countries across the globe. With each scarf holding strong connotations of a particular place, a visual identity is created for each destination. Using illustrations and colour, combined with narrative suggestions, her work tells a story of adventure and discovery. Using mainly hand-rendered illustrations and digital print techniques, reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood, Linton has mastered the high-end tone of voice perfectly.






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Jade Connolly

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