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Ilya Fox

posted by Marcroy October 31, 2017

Ilya Fox is an independent graphic artist from Jerusalem, Israel and currently resides at Berlin, Germany. A graduate from Visual Communication Dept., at Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, his final project titled ‘Bachelor of Design’ was a 25 poster project about thoughts and problems that students and designers are facing in our times. Overload of design on the internet, lack of originality and a unique voice, our duties as graphic designers, the gap between the academy and the internet and the most inherent question…how to design? 

The project aims to reveal the backstage of being a graphic design student. The project was (and still is) an exploratory space for Ilya to ask questions, to understand what is the meaning of design practice, to put a finger on personal but critical problems in the graphic design field and graphic design studies and in somewhat — of nowadays culture.



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