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Oliver Coupe Explores Altitude and Landscape

posted by Marcroy January 17, 2018

London based photographer Oliver Coupe spent a month travelling around Peru exploring the relationship between altitude and landscape. The starting point of his journey was the arrid sand plains of the Atacama Desert, a mere thirty-seven metres above sea level.

In this series each landscape was shot at a different altitude, from desert to peak. His route took him via the farming plateaus of Moray to the massive blue lagoons of the Huascaran National Park where you can trek to 6000 meters above sea level in the world’s highest tropical mountain range.

Playa Yumacaque, Paracus National Reserve, 64m

Paracus National Reserve, 37m above sea level

Collectivo, Maras, 3372m

Moray, 3480m

Moray, 3481m

Moray, 3482m

Wilcacocha 3653m

Wilacocha Lake 3722m

llanganuco 3920m

Huascarán National Park 4082.77m



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