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posted by Amber Weaver March 23, 2017

Branding can be hard. Trying to communicate the right message, or telling the correct narrative about a brand can be particularly tricky. Recently Minima developed a gorgeous identity design for unique craft furniture brand, Carpenter Studio. Below we dive deep into the creative process and their journey behind the design.

Firstly here’s little more information about who Minima were designing for. Carpenter Studio creates high quality furniture. Its main characteristics are prefect craftsmanship, ingenious design, and the employment of exquisite materials throughout the production cycle. Perfected to the most minute detail, Carpenter Studio brings each unique product to life oozing functionality and style.

Minima had their work cut out for a brand that pays unparalleled attention to detail and its finesse. “The communication strategy we needed for our studio, [was] one that would highlight the minute details which, in the big picture, make our furniture stand out from a crowd of mass-produced merchandise –Carpenter Studio owner, Grzegorz Świątnicki observes. The result, a slick, sophisticated brand identity that successfully embodies the brands ethos, style and purpose. Minima goes onto discuss their creative decisions and explain their creative process:

“The visual identification alludes to the main principles of the creators – the furniture is noble, made in limited production runs, natural and crafted to the finest of details. Hence the catchphrase “The devil’s in the detail” and the logo reminiscent of a wooden cross-section. All the materials designed highlight the precision, thoroughness and handwork that goes into the furniture’s production. When we were working on the brand identity, we wanted to present the company’s offer and introduce the customer to the limited selection at Carpenter Studio in an interesting way – hence the idea for elegant black envelopes and large cards with detailed descriptions that replace a classic catalog – Krzysztof Fabianowski, Creative Director, Minima Advertising People concludes.

Minima is responsible for the Communication Strategy, Key Visual, logo, website and designing materials necessary for customer relations. The materials were first used during Europe’s most important Interior trade fair – the IMM in Cologne in 2017. Carpenter Studio was awarded an Honourable Mention in the StandOUT competition organised by the portal Exspace.

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