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ADER error x Sydney Sie

posted by Alice Harrison March 16, 2016

Established in 2014, the Korean brand ADER error implement the ideology of simplicity within the contemporary, injecting a quirky sense of whimsical minimalism which interprets, through both class and wit, elements of life we miss. Flouting the aim of something new but rather of something special, ADER error’s clothing screams individuality through both the playful phrases and comic illustrations tastefully applied.

The creation of ADER error’s editorials welcomes collaborations with Photographers, Illustrators and in this case Graphic Designers. To showcase the 1990’s inspired, slogan stapled garments; Sydney Sie has infused her instantly recognisable aesthetic resulting in the playful and surreal imagery the editorial withholds. The pastel hues of the candy colour palette evoke the fun and originality of the collection while referencing Sydney Sie’s renowned consideration of colour and composition, constructing two-dimensional worlds which immerse the viewer within the narrative creatively embedded behind the immensely attractive aesthetic.

ADER error2

ADER error20

ADER error19

ADER error18

ADER error17

ADER error16

ADER error15

ADER error14

ADER error13

ADER error12

ADER error10

ADER error9

ADER error8

ADER error7

ADER error6

ADER error5

ADER error4

ADER error3

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