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Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell

posted by Alice Harrison April 28, 2016

Founded as a genuine alternative to high-end fashion, Oliver Cabell ensures its customer base knows every last detail about their creations, from production to price. The simplicity of the less is more theme running throughout Tom Jueris’ take on branding is a perfect nod to the honesty firmly embedded.

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell3

Geometric forms fuel the designs, heightening the emphasis on the contemporary and embedding beautiful visual contrasts through the considered choice of shape, size and placement. An arguably muted colour palette with the occasional vivid accent compliments the minimal graphics which highlight the modernity through sophistication, while still channeling a somewhat playful aesthetic through the use of holographic foil and tissue paper materials.

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell2

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell4

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell11

Tom Jueris, the interdisciplinary designer and artist living in Sheffield has undoubtedly fulfilled his aim in regards to the creation of powerful emotions one feels when subject to his recombining of art and design.

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell9

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell8

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell7

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell6

Tom Jueris for Oliver Cabell5

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