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posted by Amber Weaver November 8, 2016

Introducing Bookblock Editions. A very exciting creative collaboration between 12 leading illustrators and customised notebook experts, Bookblock. Supermundane, Rob Flowers and Annu Kilpeläinen, along with nine talented illustrators set to release Bookblock Editions notebook series this November. Since 2013, Bookblock has been continuously developing and perfecting every stage of the design and manufacture process by creating completely customised notebooks and journals for companies, brands, agencies and events. Obsessed with every detail down to the last finishing touches, Bookblock notebooks are crafted with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders using traditional bookbinding and further printing techniques.Supermundane Editions is a limited series involving 12 leading UK and international illustrators who have joined forces with Bookblock. The Bookblock Editions collection will feature four unique designs from Supermundane, Rob Flowers, Annu Kilpeläinen, David Doran, Ben O’Brien, Marylou Faure, Maggie Chiang, Thomas Hedger, Alec Dohery, Martina Paukova, Claudine O’Sullivan and Kristen Boydstun. The fabulous collection showcases an assortment of colourful designs ranging from expressive hand-drawn animals and fantastical watercolour landscapes to graphical geometric patterns and vector cityscapes – all digitally printed on Bookblock’s soft touch covers. Each of the notebooks is created in the illustrators’ own distinctive style making them special collectables for illustration fans and must-have accessories for unique and artistic stationery lovers.Supermundane Bookblock are known for their strive for perfection. To create the perfect premium custom notebook with outstanding quality and durability. With a goal to further develop their customisation/product range and making use of their connections in the creative community, Bookblock collaborated with a range of illustrators to produce more personalised products. Once released the, notebooks these illustrators were creating began to gain immense interest and it became clear that these illustrated notebooks were both beautiful and sought after. And with that, Bookblock Editions was born.We got in touch with Bookblock and they gave us an insight into what goes into the manufacturing and creative process of these gorgeous notebooks. “In order to make Bookblock Editions a reality, we had to create a manufacturing process that would allow for batch manufacture without the large set-up and origination costs that would have made Editions too expensive in the past. Thus, we combine modern technology with traditional bookbinding methods to create a high quality product at an affordable price. We start the work in our bindery, where we print using state-of-the-art digital presses such as the HP Indigo to produce bright colours on a firm paper stock. This is then laminated with a luscious soft-touch PU material, before the case is formed by hand and finished using our semi-automatic machinery. Each book on a batch run of Editions is cased-in by hand just prior to being pressed and cleaned, and given our stamp of approval. Whilst modern machinery is well-equipped for larger runs, the complexity and diversity of Bookblock Editions means that a human touch is always required. This helps support traditional skills that are all too often lost with the advent of technology. In this case, technology has given rise to a new product that goes hand in hand with the analog and digital ages.”unspecified-17  Bookblock Editions notebooks will be released on the 4th November.

They will be retialing at £15 from International delivery is available. For more information please contact Sophie or Stef on or

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