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posted by Amber Weaver November 17, 2016
Mayrlou Faure Illustration

This week People of Print met up with fantastic London based Illustrator and Art director Marylou Faure to reveal the methods behind her colourful and extravagant pieces of work. Since moving from France to London, this talented designer has contributed her designs to many established firms such as Google, Easy Jet, T. Mobile to name a few. Faure’s work is characterised by a sassy, sexy and candy-sweet style, her peachy characters being informed by her every-changing environment. Inspiration for these fabulous creations are simply from people, sounds, visuals and abstract ideas Faure stumbles across on a daily basis.
Mayrlou Faure IllustrationMayrlou Faure IllustrationTo construct these punchy digital illustrations, Faure begins sketching her ideas and then scans them digitally to then refine and build the colour, shape and style of the image. Beautifully simple with a fruity, summer-like flaire, Marylou as opposed to following and responding to current creative trends, determines her own path in terms of her style and sticks to what she loves. “I try not to be too influenced and do my own thing, it makes it more personal and original ” says Faure.Mayrlou Faure IllustrationMayrlou Faure IllustrationMayrlou Faure IllustrationMayrlou Faure IllustrationMayrlou Faure IllustrationMarylou Faure IllustrationPlans for future for this talented designer include more projects, of course, and the desire to go travelling. Inspired by the characters she finds on her travels, Faure intends to create some sort of larger project such as a publication or series of illustrations revolving around her adventures. You can check out her beautiful work here!

Marylou also sells her wonderful illustrations on Department Store! See below! 😉

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