Surface Utilities

posted by Amber Weaver February 27, 2017

Presenting a new editorial project titled Surfaces Utiles. This project aims to transform into a fully functional publishing house driven by the vacant spaces and waste product found in the margins of regular print jobs. Surface Utiles aims to not just be a publishing house, but a playground to play, experiment, nurture and develop ideas and promote alternative ways of collaborating together. Encouraging to cultivate and promote a heterogeneity of artistic, literary, typographic and technical practices, the team have began to fuse unexpected partnerships between craft practices in the powerful creative industry. Motivated by a will to make use of surplus space, Surfaces Utiles Surfaces Utiles is organised around the leftovers left behind by the industry and works on a collective, creative, and material production, with the demand of quality for manufacturing and labour relations.

Surfaces Utiles is currently using a Kickstarter campaign that will allow them to produce their first four books. This crowdfunding campaign covers a new printing area which is an opportunity to expand the scope of formats proposed by the publishing house.

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